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WHat about George Bugs Moran No New Jersey at least the state

Sorry if I have offended anyone with including Dr. Richard Paul Moran as a deceased doctor but be did the surgery and Dr. Randi Schultz admitted me into Jewish Hospital Dr Randi Schultz lives in Reynoldsburg Ohio today he told me he was moving to IOWA or IA in about 2006. Stone Gate Medical Center today   

According to Rose Marie Al Capone investigated Frank Sinatra through the FBI In the 1950’s, somehow Frank Sinatra contacted the Gates family regarding boots. At Least I guess that is what happened. But if they did why didn’t realize that our mom had the boots before two of her three children were born. So why did they make the mistake? What is controlling all of that and causing all them to make the mistake? I think it is White Chapel and the God that can use part of Creation to kill people directly from Zig Zag origin and can also cause children to be born through the Flower of Life
White Chapel and the Victorian Era is controlling all of the gangsters in the US Right now along with the serpentine area of Cincinnati why is there something around that is trying to make me a part of Frank Sinatra or something like that again. I said Geronimo jumping off the high dive at the Casino pool in Ft Lauderdale I guess Frank Sinatra knew that and had his daughter do a movie related to that but confused the boots that were sent to our mom in 1944, before two of three children were born, with the boots being related in some way to me. They were boots for a child but Elizabeth Taylor was the child she was 12 when our mom was 25 years. So they are trying to make a war that they caused using the occult to do it before two of three children were born into something anyone in the Gates family caused which they didn’t  
George “Bugs” Moran not Richard Moran doctor at Jewish hospital that performed bad surgery in 2005 time period

Bad surgery and even a Nurse Practitioner said so but I am not the sibling in Columbus married to a nurse practitioner and has ever since she became a nurse
I am also a black gay guy that stole my unemployment checks, and I received at Maynard ave info from OSU saying he lived there instead of me. They are trying to do to the general public what was a problem in royal families not the general public Using character assassination to do it all for identity theft

Richard Paul Morin, MD, 64, passed away peacefully from pancreatic cancer on Tuesday, September 13, 2016, at Hospice of Cincinnati, surrounded by his wife and children. A loving husband, father, brother and doting grandfather, he is survived by his wife of 37 years, Carolyn (née Petrick) Morin, children Andrew (Sara) Morin, Stephanie (Hank) Worrell, and Anne Morin, grandsons Cole and Deacon Worrell, brother Ron (Carole) Morin, and numerous family members and friends. He is preceded in death by his parents Raymond and Doris Morin. Rich was born in Springfield, MA. He graduated from Seton Hall University in 1974 and the Medical College of Wisconsin in 1978. He completed his surgical residency at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and a vascular surgery fellowship at The Jewish Hospital of Cincinnati. Rich was in practice in Cincinnati for 30 years as a general and vascular surgeon. He served as Director of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at The Jewish Hospital from 1989-1997 and Director of the Vascular Laboratory at Jewish Hospital-Mercy Health from 2005-2014. Rich was respected by peers and loved by his patients for his dedication to their care. He enjoyed mentoring the surgical residents of The Jewish Hospital and was honored to receive the Outstanding Surgical Attending Teaching Award five times. He recognized and encouraged the best in everyone. Rich enjoyed local arts and theatre and spending time with his family and friends. An avid sports fan, he followed the Bengals, the Reds, and ATP tennis, and he never missed attending the Indianapolis 500 with his son. Visitation will be held Saturday, September 24, 2016, at St. Saviour Church, 4136 Myrtle Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45236 beginning at 9 am. The celebration of Mass of Christian Burial will follow at 11 am. Private burial at Spring Grove Cemetery will be on September 27. In lieu of flowers, memorial gifts may be made to Hospice of Cincinnati or to the Cancer Research Institute. For additional information 
 Is the Rabbis being caught for selling black market organs from donors similar to what happened in White Chapel during the Victorian Era of chopping up prostitutes by god controlling that to happen an arm and a hand coming from the bottomless pit

NEWARK -- Levy Izhak Rosenbaum of Brooklyn called himself a "matchmaker," but his business wasn't romance. Instead, authorities say, he brokered the sale of black-market kidneys, buying organs from vulnerable people from Israel for $10,000 and selling them to desperate patients in the U.S. for as much as $160,000.

"New Jersey Devil"

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our mom deserved better TRAPPED IN THE MASONIC WORLD

Trapped in the Masonic World that is why I have been tortured most of life
Our mom and dad were also  
This is a lie and connected in some way to the extreme moral of Sagittarius, and the reason Al Capone was the only bootlegger that had prostitutes. This was caused by Neil’s parents and a meeting in Brazil. It is the White Chapel side of the royalty, and a lie

Jerry Springer prostitution. Eric Schwing participated in that in the 1970’s, not me. The Chicken ranch in Las Vegas participated in that also. It can seem real nice but it isn’t just a Ted Bundy type of person but with neurophones to fool you every time
Pisces and the Wishes circle might really be the royal connection, but who cares  

Our mom deserved Better

This time period is before two of the three children were not born yet. One a Leo and one a Pisces 1946, and 1950. Are the people doing this causing a war, in occult terms because of this alone?  

Our mom got something in 1944, when she was 25 years old that told her about a British royal family connection. But, it was sort of a trick of the fact that her real last name may not have been Peffers, even though she had a mom or at least someone that took care of her, whose married name was Peffers, and her maiden name was Wilson.
But suppose her sister was her mom then her mom’s last name of peffers would not be her last name. So who was her dad? Could it be that George Bugs Moran was her dad and his mason connections made her a member the British royal family along with all of her children?
Why else would half of the coat of arms of British royalty be mentioned by Eric Schwing in the form of the Unicorn the other part being the symbol of royalty with the Lion Symbol?  
The rat pack did a british royalty movie called Salt and Pepper, just after our mom had kept a salt and pepper shaker collection until she died in 1962. But, while there were things on the internet that suggest that you can interpret a last name of Peffers as pepper that was not her last name and it was not Wilson either
So they used her before I was born and maybe any of the gates family and then came to Florida in the 1950’s with their version of the document and she was told she could not tell me at all and didn’t. I did not even know there was a document really for over 40 years of my life    
So they started using our mom as though she had the Hollywood contract, and she was 12 years old and she was Elizabeth Taylor who was from Wales the home of the British royal family. But she was 25 years old and did not have a Hollywood contract but did receive boots that were intended for Elizabeth Taylor that were too small for her of course Betty Lou Gerson was not our mom’s name but they created a contract and used until she died as though it were her instead of Elizabeth Taylor
Trapped in the Masonic World

What about the Victorian time of the 1820’s in British and the White chapel area where Jack the Ripper was at and may have had British royalty connections? That would not be our mom but there was someone that came to Florida that may be trying to make it look that way and may have something to do with the Unicorn side of the royal family knives stabbing prostitutes in that area. What about that being what someone needs to relook at the document because I can’t

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As Crazy as this sounds I think it is possible that a hand and arm can come out of the clouds with a gun or knife. I am not talking about mind control I am talking about the Kabbalah and the arm and hand model (cubit) model of the human race doing it. I think that is what really happened at White Chapel in the 1820’s in England, using a knife, and may have been the fatal shot that killed John Kennedy

NIMROD turn both syllables around in the other direction and you get MINDOR or maybe MINOTAUR GE(MINI/TAUR)US Model of 270 days in Labyrinth

It would not be possible to decorate trees along the interstate that I saw here unless it was possible to actually “throw” the decorations on it in some way. I have a picture of that near the exit to Sears Industrial when I was working there between 1995-2005
What about Hyde Park and the skulls of actual goats being found on doorsteps?


25 Again and Again

25 Again the Dancer Again? Icky Woods
The times 25 have been used against me including people that control my life in this building, and even this building.
But they are all wrong because what they looking for, even though I am not blaming this person, is the person that went to Miami Dade
Junior College at the same time as James A Hunt and connected to Frank Sturgis  
The reason they doing it and continue to torture me for it, is they are saying that I am the target of a
Succubus and Astral Projection, and a fly in the Spider’s mouth both.    
Our mom had bought a plant called a Venus Fly trap at that time and our dad took me to Concrete Pipe Products where one of his fellow associates had made a spider with India Ink and an eraser that Drafting people used in the 1950’s before there were computer fonts     
That is why I have been a victim of sleep deprivation for the last 25 years of my life, since 1993, till now 2018 that is 25 years
Here are the references to 25
Sibling went there in 1963 at the same time he had a broken leg that was caused by something at UPS while he was working and I asked, at the time without knowing I was asking the right question, how did it happen?  What about Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamsters Union at the time? Pam and Neil and Bryan keep it this way, along with as far I am Concerned Eric Albert Schwing who mentioned both John Kennedy and Martin Luther King from a document I still have not seen. I do not type 40 words like Eric or Eleanor
First addresses of 1348 and 1350 add the digits together and you get 25
Nodule 25 that is the Rockefeller commission on the Kennedy Assassination mentions James A Hunt of which I have talked to twice
25 Again Icky Woods Cold Cuts today?
Are we going to see another Sniper in which I am the target here in Cincinnati?
I was told to come back from my temp residence in Arbors of Anderson on October 25th no accident I am sure
I am not the sibling in Columbus and do not have a heart condition either our dad or our mom or Roger Heart Murmur
Sorry to say please do not get me wrong but S. Jake Seiber has mentioned the number 25  
There was a meeting between Adolf Hitler and Al Capone in a country that was born a country in 1825. That being Brazil and Sao Paolo Saint Paul. That one may not be relevant then again it might be very relevant because the people suddenly around our address in the 1950’s caused something to suggest that we were in Brazil but we were in Ft Lauderdale
I was hit over the head with a fly swatter by one of those supposedly adopted children that started living in our house and family just after our mom died in 1962 just a year before the November 22, 1963 date
The movie Psycho had just come out in theatres with the line “I won’t even swat a fly” at the end
 Norman Bates and the Bates Motel, not the Gates Motel     


For the most up-to-date version of this Nodule go to


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The psychological murder of me since I started 1st grade at OLQM 

"WIll get those bloodsuckers one of these days" was a call that was made by Zig Zag to Eric Schwing referring to Juwes will never take the blame, and yet he thought he needed to tell me that. It makes no sense to me now and it made even less then. Eric Schwing who was supposed to come to Anderson Township went to Virginia instead with the Marines taking him to Maryland 

A person that closely related to Zig Zag and had a stick to prove it lived in our house related in some way to British Royalty and a psychopath as far as I am concerned   

I think of all the books and articles written since the Whitechapel murders were committed by “Jack the Ripper”, and where the “Y” with Chi Rho XP was first started it was Zig Zag that committed the murders as God and put the notes on walls to the effect that “Juwes will never take the blame” related to Free Masons. The “Y” 25th letter in the US alphabet was created around 1804-05 time period in England, not New England      
Victim of Lord of the Flies or Lord of the Rings. The Spider or Hobgoblin. In Lord of the Rings, the author mentions Spider.
It seems that someone that uses Voodoo or some other occult means thinks 39 or in the most recent case 93 mirror image of 39 as an important number. Even England the 39 steps it takes to get to Big Ben. World War 2 was started in 1939 for that same reason

Here is a quote from something that is in the London Underground even today “You might have noticed these mazes popping up on your daily commute. 270 individual tiled labyrinths have been produced, one for each Tube station. They’ve been designed by Turner Prize winning artist Mark Wallinger, best known for his planned 50 metre tall white horse, which reminds some people of the Book of Revelation” If a meter is approximately 39 inches then 39 X 50 = 1950 The year I was born.

The letter Nun in the Hebrew alphabet equals 50 and just after the letter Mem, not Mam as in Mammary in the form of 13. Nun is the fourteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet and married to Zig Zag is the origin of the Teaching order in the Catholic Church that taught in Jewish Castles and palaces. Remember all religions, not just Catholic or any western religion all religions were built off of Hebrew at the time of the resurrection of the human race. Flight 93 may be a very unfortunate thing for the US if they do not say in one form or another that September 11, 2001, was caused internally not externally     

There seems to be two different US’s at war with each other in the US the one that says 14, not 13 Colonies and New England and the other that was born when the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Cancer country not the disease or virus Cancer that Neil started doing with Brian or Brain the way it has been used since AI the movie which caused Eric Davis to die of Testicular Cancer as a Cincinnati Red outfielder. Brian Piccolo (Brian’s Song made twice) not the Gates family fault if someone would have realized it is the birth of the US, not a person.     Getting testicular cancer only because my brother that is four years older than me said he was a role model as a baseball player at Central Catholic     The Freemasons that created the seal of the US made the mistake, and it shows even in E Pluribus Unum of 13 letters rather 14 that seems to control the US. I would not want a NimRod Mindor or Minotaur Gemini/Taurus running the US but that seems to be what is winning     

What about Puck or Robin Goodfellow around at the time of the Pilgrims, and is also mentioned in a lot of Shakespeare. Puck or Pack as in the video game called Packman Puck is not above being a vampire also you know. Yale University and Cotton Mather and the Salem Witch Trials. Puck may be a symbol of Zig Zag on the planet earth, not the Earth Trinity where the form of the human race comes from in the form of the Skeleton of the Human race.

When Valerie, a person that knew all the people from Walnut Ridge and lived on 16th Ave in the Campus area said that when she had an epileptic seizure her spine felt really good there was something wrong about it. When you have an epileptic (I had convulsions without knowing for 40 years) it does not affect your spine. So, why did she say that to me in the 1970’s? It might be that someone does not want to admit Valerie and all of Walnut Ridge and Eric Schwing and even JC Travis that had been in a mental institution along with a black friend all controlled by Zig Zag or Mindor Minotaur. There are 33 bones in the spine and the 33rd is also called the Tail Bone

In 2001, American crime novelist and former mortuary assistant Patricia Cornwell spent millions trying to prove that Victorian painter Walter Sickert was the Whitechapel murderer. The motive, she said, was rooted in a defect in his penis, and she pointed to his admittedly creepy paintings of women that were shockingly similar to autopsy pictures of the victims. One of his paintings was called “Jack the Ripper’s bedroom”, depicting a room he himself had lodged in – though Sickert claimed it had once been used by the serial killer, as his landlady had suspected a previous lodger.

The Royal Conspiracy theory first appeared in 1973 in the BBC programme, Jack the Ripper. In it, fictional detectives Barlow and Watt finally solve the Ripper mystery through a series of conspiracies and cover-ups. The story goes that the producers of the program, in doing research, were told to contact a man named Sickert who knew about a secret marriage between Eddy and a poor Catholic girl named Alice Mary Crook. Sickert painted a strange story involving Eddy, Lord Salisbury, Sir Robert Anderson, Sir William Gull, and even Queen Victoria herself!
Why was the Unicorn mentioned by Eric Schwing and mentioned as supposedly being someone that had killed his girlfriend in Pennsylvania the Unicorn is half the Coat of Arms of British royalty
Why did try to say our mom’s last name of Peffers had something to do with meaning spices and for that reason our mom kept a salt and pepper shaker collection until the day she died. Why did Peter Lawford and Sammy Davis Jr make the movie Salt and Pepper and make it as though it were related to British Royalty

Fairy Fire and Airy as opposed to earth and water the first human race. Fire and Airy is Tetragrammaton. That word appears 153 times in Genesis 153, not 53 or 35 that is the number of years between our dad’s birth and my birth 35 years who was dying about the time Eric was in Columbus. Grimms Fairy Tales? Including Little Red Riding Hood. “Call me a Fairy poof you are a pile of shit,” said through a bathroom at Hartley high school. Shit, something flies like you know. Even Jim Ferry someone at Dave Grossheims Computer users group did the same thing to me 40 years later knowing that the laptop NEC, not NECK brand was password protected before I even bought at the Hara Arena in Dayton Ohio where they used to have one of the largest Computer shows in the US less than 20 years ago. How would he know that unless Zig Zag was around to tell him that since there were at least 50 other vendors selling computers? Why did the guy that fixed finally want to know where I could meet him to fix with the telephone number I got when I bought it? Why did he have office space in Mason Ohio near a logistics business? Why was Jim Ferry going to Columbus to manage a Union?

 David Svetlick that Neil brought to Florida manages an electrical union even today. He did that in the 1950’s and he had come with his parents from the Pennsylvania area and said the first time I met him with the sibling taking me by the hand for whatever reason that his Uncle Seed as in the Flower of Life or Zig Zag was something that was important to him       

It seems that Puck is also somehow connected with brushing teeth with this ad that is on the internet related to a magazine in the 1880’s in England titled Puck Magazine and having ads for Aspinall’s enamel or probably something used as toothpaste. The article on the internet shows the suspects in the Jack the Ripper case   

The sibling in Columbus I think was a victim of a succubus and saw something like ESP the first time he was put in Astral Projection when he was about 9 years old and I was 5 years old and the oldest was 13 years old and knew something only because he was born in Dayton in 1942 just two years before our mom received boots that were not her size and were probably intended for Elizabeth Taylor who was then 12 years old, and from Wales British Royal home, and our mom was 25 years old. Both of the older siblings had heard by that time and met with Neil Pam and Eleanor at least once but I did not know they existed and had not heard anything at age 5 when humans first start remembering. I know we do not have mammary glands, like the model of females would if there was one, but there isn’t. They are also related to the sign Cancer “I feel” keywords in the zodiac and the birth sign of the US July 4, 1776, in Philadelphia, Instead of realizing that was supposed to be what he did in Ft Lauderdale before I knew who he was he aimed a visual field picture at me, I guess one day of a crab walking on the side yard of Maurice’s and his wife, and Steve and Debby’s Two children not three and their parents and Maurice getting a call one day that said I did something because they were using the spider and the telephone system I just did not know what to look for then because no one told me running around barefooted to Steve’s and other places on the Sea Wall around our neighborhood in Shady Banks
We were not in Brazil and Sao Paolo (St Paul) where an agreement to make that country was signed in 1825 

The Birth of the US Pennsylvania at about 2:22 Pm the signing of the Declaration of Independence is the birth of the US as opposed to ZIG ZAG or NIMROD being the birth of the US with 14 Colonies and the 14th letter of the Hebrew alphabet being NUN like the girls that a part of the Catholic church and originally participated with the Hobgoblin or HOBO or MINDOR as the model built on something that says they were on the planet earth and the bottomless pit at the same time Flower of Life and violence related to it  
Why did our dad suddenly change his mind just after or just before his wife and our mom died about taking everyone on a camping trip to Yellowstone National Park and taking about a year of his life not something typical of our dad unless he would actually do it after looking for a camping trailer and deciding on a Nimrod (MINDOR) at the Apache Camping trailer company

A Fly in the spiders mouth its brown and about this long like a cigar-shaped object A sibling said that to me a long time ago but I did not know what he was talking about  and I  think that the Spider is as close to a model of female gender that creation ever did and that the Spider or Hobgoblin is referred to as “she”. There is a model for Adam (Autumn) but the model for EWEN or EUUEN was never finished by God. The word GOD referred by someone that lived in our knew they had made up word DOG and knew they would use it for referring to something related to GOD, by mirror imaging the word or as the people that made up word for the English language the US English, not the British English, which is a much different language, DOG with GOD mirror imaged 

Definitely not a EWE without the “N”on the end like Dolly the Cloned Sheep     
Stephen Knight first planted the idea of Sickert’s complicity in the murders with 1976’s Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution. According to Knight, who was communicating with an informant named Joseph Gorman, Sickert had been part of a conspiracy involving Freemasons and the throne. Knight argues that Sickert did not wield the knife, but that he was an accomplice. He was, according to Gorman, one of the witnesses at the clandestine wedding of crown prince Albert Victor and working-class Annie Crook (along with the canonical five Ripper victims), and therefore was culpable in the ensuing conspiracy. This conspiracy involved well-heeled men in carriages picking up the victims and depositing their mutilated bodies along with cryptic Masonic symbols.
Why did Eric Schwing one day tell about the mayor of Cincinnati Jerry Springer and his deal he made with a prostitute for $5000, and somehow showed up in a place that the Cincinnati Enquirer wrote an article about it.

It seems to me that the family tree of the ripper and their connection to British Royalty still lives by their hatred of prostitutes. Eric Schwing, I am sure was working for Neil, and so was Al Gesenhues. Al-chemist His name was Al Gesenhues and Eric knew him and lived in the same apartment with not me. Alchemist is a word that was associated with witches (wishes fishes 3rd part of the symbol of Pisces that was used at the resurrection of the human race as the ruler of Aquarius (Air Heads) Uranus Double Mars transpersonal symbol of Aquarius all the transpersonal symbol in Astrology have to do with creation of the human race. Uranus is also associated with Le Fleur, the flower of life in which Zig Zag actually started the human race by getting involved in procreation in some way. The Nuns in the Catholic Church have their origin as being that because they take a vow of Chastity married to God as the teaching order in Jewish royal family’s palaces

Taking the word Minotaur, or forms of that word, it proves what I am saying about the Flower of life being something related to God, and in fact was god in a way that could actually participate with something resembling women in procreation using the Flower of Life double Mars and third part of the symbol of Pisces. Nimrod. If you turn the first syllable around in the other direction “Nim” and then change the last syllable of “rod” around in the other direction you get min Dor or Minotaur or Ge(mini/Taur)us the model of the human race with the mirror image of Gemini/Taurus being Sagittarius Arrow and Scorpio, or scorpion that only comes around as a symbol of a water sign when the water is gone as a dessert or maybe the Desert Inn or maybe the Desert Inn Casino two different places I have never been to Las Vegas. Our mom was lied to when I was taken by the Gerson’s Paul Jr and his mom Ruth Gerson in the 1950’s probably run by Jack Ruby at the time Why did my left arm move during the night as though someone had taken the soul and the cubit related to creation and caused it to move when I was about 71/2 years old in the Desert Inn and the Gerson's said Milton Berle lives there on our way to the Desert Inn after Ruth lied as to where she was taking me. My arm moved as though Hari Kari was what it was doing while I was half asleep but it did not aim at me and the place Kamakazi pilots were supposed to commit Hari Kari with their knives it was aimed at someone else Paul H Gerson Jr was the place my arm was aimed. Then a sibling, without telling me why took me over to someone’s house at that time and had me stand out in the hall. So all I heard the guy say that could play classical music in our neighborhood was “You are such a commodian you should be flushed”. 
He saw my arm move as though I were a Trappist Monk hired to be kamikaze pilots around Pearl Harbor. They may have told our mom that they were taking me to see the Howdy Doody show that was around Ft Lauderdale then I did not realize that until about a year ago when I saw reruns of the show            
So how were Labyrinths originally created and who created them? They are not mazes. They look more like electric circuits. Are we now electric circuits in processors in computers? I would not think so but someone seems to continue to try and do that with Temple of the SCREAMING ELECTRON how do electrons scream?
I don’t see anything to show where they came from and yet they are built into a Cathedral in France and have been there since around Louis XIV time and he helped build the Cathedral with a Demon on the exterior wall of the Cathedral looking like a rabbit with a face in the stomach area. Is it a horse or a rabbit?  

Labyrinths are not mazes at all. Labyrinths look similar to circuits and are somehow built on the soul or the listener to the soul of the human race

Here is a quote from something that is in the London Underground even today “You might have noticed these mazes popping up on your daily commute. 270 individual tiled labyrinths have been produced, one for each Tube station. They’ve been designed by Turner Prize winning artist Mark Wallinger, best known for his planned 50 metre tall white horse, which reminds some people of the Book of Revelation” If a meter is approximately 39 inches then 39 X 50 = 1950 The year I was born    

  The people that had an interest in Astrology during the Victorian age. I guess there was a time during that time when they might of tried, I don’t know if they actually did it, burned those types of people at the stake

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No WKRP or C.R.P or Craps at the Gambling Boat or a house at Spooky Hollow Road

I am not at WKRP, with Venus Fly Trap as a DJ, in Cincinnati. CRP, that broke into the Watergate hotel is and controls Cincinnati and Stan Chesley down to breaking into his house in Indian Hill. You see, just after our mom died a person started living in our house and knew where we lived that claimed he was a CIA agent and had convincing id even though I never saw it I guess the person that lives in Pataskala with his wife Cid saw it on the banks of Whiskey Creek the day we went Water skiing just after our mom died, and he claimed I killed her to everyone except me. But then where are his parents that were war criminals in Germany. How can someone be a CIA agent at 14 years old but not be a US citizen and become a Reynoldsburg Cop?  
WKRP is actually the same people that broke into the Watergate Hotel and then hired a “Swallow” like the swallows of Capistrano that always return to the US side of Puerto Rico. Monica Lewinsky is a mossed agent hired to do some dirty work for the same people and caused Bill Clinton to lose his law license.
The cigar-shaped object that Bill Clinton had to talk about is actually a “fly in the spider’s mouth”, that I was a victim before I was even born, and our mom only because I was born a Pisces and a 12th house, which the Flower of Life looks for their next on their list    
HAXAN films in Tampa have you ever seen the film Haxen made in the 1920’s but stopped from being shown by Frague or Prague Czechoslovakia headquarters of the Gestapo where Neil knows some people and a used car salesman that lives in a million dollar house does work today as the super squirrel and steals identities from using grave markers in Florida through finding a grave site on the internet. Neil told my biology at Hartley high that he was really interested in dissecting frogs prague while at Hartley where they also showed Elizabeth Taylors movie Who afraid of Virginia Wolf rather National Velvet (our mom got her boots that did not fit because they were intended for a 12-year-old when she was 25 years old) I know how the Flower of Life works now!  that they gave to our mom six years before I was born and 2 years before Mike the sibling in Columbus was born and does not have anything to do with Mike “Thayer” BMW motorcycle HOG There” at Walnut Ridge    
There is something that is controlling this city, that even caused a sitcom to be made using WKRP as the TV show but it was called WKRP in Cincinnati. But that is wrong for several reasons. One they had a character as a DJ named Venus Fly Trap. Our mom before she died went out and bought a Venus Fly Trap plant and she suggested her youngest son me was a victim of the spider. The other reason is the one that is really the problem using WKRP at all. The Committee to Re-elect the president can be shortened to read CRP instead of KRP. They even had Jack Merz live in Over the Rhine “Y” because someone knew that I started working for the IRS as a seasonal employee after passing the test for that position in Receipt and Control with Sylvia Hastings (Big Cheese herself) probably dead now as my manager. Jack Merz made it look like he had accidentally met me but he had actually been told where to find me by gangsters and their casinos around here. They even made the same mistake of CRP with telling him to have me drive him to the Gambling boat while living in the Over the Rhine “Y” with XP on the outside of the building because it was built in 1917 when the “Y” using the flower of life version of XP still used XP as part of their logo. So I drive Jack there and he starts playing CRP’s or Craps not realizing that there always Proctor and Gamble headquarters and CRP might mean something related to CIA agents breaking into the Watergate Hotel which is what really happened with Neil having CIA identification that did not belong to him because he was not a US citizen, and can never be one. I think he took the identity of Santo Trafficante Jr. I am not sure there was ever really anyone with a real identity by the name of Santo Trafficante Jr or hiding even that with Traficant in Youngstown that Eric and Al Gesenhues did for Neil, and Neil only. Santo Trafficante Jr supposedly had parents in Sicily and lived in Tampa Florida. But who was he? Is there any proof? Would there really be a CIA agent living in Tampa Florida? What about Al Capone being around there in the 1920’s and running whiskey in that area? What about our dad being convinced to take us on a vacation to Tampa in the 1950’s? What about Neil using new management to break into our dad’s engineering career using the spider and causing the name to be changed from Concrete Pipe Products to American Marietta then to Martin Marietta, and now to Lockheed Martin now one of the largest weapons manufacturers in the world and controls human services in Colorado and what about the Krupp family around the Spahn ranch where Charles Manson lived they are not supposed to be in the US because of their connections to weapons also?    

Regarding the above line since the TV show that costarred Loni Anderson Burt Reynolds wife, and since the FCC has changed the signal for TV’s from analog to digital. Why have all the channels in the low power digital range using analog to digital box of mine and TV that was only analog again using the Gates family they had used our analog telephone in Florida before it became digital and then used a telephone call that goes in two directions at the same time to create (t)emple (o)f (t)he (s)creaming €lectron TOTSE word for Foot in the French Language to torture me and continue to use that all because of a call the sibling made in Ft Lauderdale with did you see it    have created networks around here with WKRP for low power digital tv. But what they don’t mention in any of this is where the KRP comes from and that is Committee to Reelect the President of the US that being Dick Nixon, not Paul Dixon or even Easter Lily Gates as the board of elections president in Ft Lauderdale. So the CIA was the entire re-elections committee that made up Dick Nixon’s re-election committee and they are the one that broke into the Watergate Hotel and then made Dick Nixon blame so he would be impeached the first president in US history to be impeached. They even hired Jack Merz a person I worked with at IRS that did not need to live in Over the Rhine while he was working at the IRS but did so because he was told to do so by someone to watch me while I worked at the IRS. Jack Merz who asked me to take him to gambling boat one night because he did not have a car and so I took him there even though I had no interest in being there and told him so and left early. But whoever told him said he needed to play craps at the table again mentioning in a way CRP instead it is in the form of craps rolling the dice game. Then someone also did not notice that the Proctor and Gamble with Gamble being the keyword the Proctor and Gamble headquarters for the world are in Cincinnati      
Then someone blamed me for cable tv but it was Berta and Carl Lambert that had cable because the whole apartment building ran was a test market for Cable TV in the 1970’s so they had Cable. So, invisibly bypassing my ears like you are doing now to broadcast words to me some took the analog to digital tv signal and the box I had purchased to use an analog tv to as a digital TV and broadcast across my screen using mostly 12 as the channel that did it on and the emergency broadcast system of the interstate not the internet and use their microwave channel to broadcast with a black rectangle that almost filled the screen and then type letters with some sort of keyboard while I was watching the late night show by that guy that used a robot as his cohost. The name of the emergency broadcast system is called Artemis or another name for Jupiter. The only other break in that I supposedly did was the rooming house I lived in on 9th ave But it was really the vice cop that had been a problem for our dad at Concrete Pipe products that someone snuck to Columbus and got him the job and he knew who I was because he had groped me at a Trail ways bus depot just after we got to Columbus in 1964. He had made our dad look bad as truck driver there, I think, even though I never saw the guy I only know that our dad complained to a sibling that guy nicknamed “red” was pestering him and he repeated the words that our dad has said word for word in Tampa after we had moved to Columbus then there were the calls that came to Concrete Pipe products that sounded like the sibling that was then about 12 when I was 8 but were not telephone calls at all.
Somehow at the Teamsters union, a union for UPS, and Jimmy Hoffa became something that may have caused a sibling to be run over by a car while he was working. He spent six months in a cast, but while he was in a cast he also had to go to Miami Dade Junior College because our dad decided to move in November, so the school year for his first year of college had already started. So he started there, but there was also, according to what I found on the internet something to say that James A Hunt was going to Miami Dade at the same time. He is mentioned in “Nodule 25” like something you get on vocal cords when you lose your singing voice. But, that was 1964, I was not aware there was even a document until about the year 2000, when I moved into a condo. The only reason I have even concluded that is due to the fact I have seen it in several places and have to conclude it says something I have never seen it close enough to read a word off of it, and yet it has been around my life possibly before I was born. I know that Pam Neil and Eleanor brought it with them but then I did meet Pam Neil and Eleanor until after our mom died. I was told that Pam and Neil were adopted children and I had no reason to think otherwise. But, I think Neil had called Paul H Gerson, and I know Pam had done so. So who was George “Bugs” Moran? Did he have any connection to Italy or Sicily? Paul H Gerson Jr said he had a grandmother that lived in Italy. Did he have one? We left Florida, but even Paul H Gerson Jr was supposed to be my friend the sibling that lives in Columbus talked to him more than I did without me even knowing it was done. I think that was done only because the “International Man of Mystery and Warlock” told him to do so. We left Florida in two different cars, one of them destroyed that was brand new, and I guess was on the document. It was destroyed because Henry Ford had signed a contract with Adolf Hitler and I think Neil and his family tree were using our dad to blame for something that was supposed to happen to them. So he bought a Ford, not something he had ever done before, and what do you think happened after Eleanor had gotten a brand new ford T Bird for nothing, his brand new station wagon had a transmission that was destroyed before he even drove it                
What someone continues to do is substitute the letter “K” for the letter “C” in words
and cover for what they won’t admit is wrong because they either do not know the language or they are using that as a way to forge a document.
When I say document I mean something on legal size paper, in which at least part of writes itself because part of it includes sacred geometry. For example the dates of death of our mom and dad were on the document before either of them died but as long as they can pass that part off on someone in the Gates family (not royalty and not Brazil) they think they do not need to take the blame for even if they know where we live and sit in Davie Florida until our mom dies in 1962, with the sibling in Columbus having the document during that time period. Then sending the document to that person with changes, I am not sure how that is done other than Neil forging it with vowels rather than vows like marriage and the girl gender model of the human race never created. There is Autumn or another spelling being ADAM or ODDUM or ODDEM or a lot of other spellings but there is no EWEN or EVEN or EUEN the girl gender model of the human race. If there is no model of the human race for girls then is it possible that they are subject to all dying at once? So some, and organizations like Casino’s are concerned about odds ODDOM ADAM but what about the EVENS being a part of what controls gambling also. Is money and winning at gambling a substitute for a model of the girl gender? I definitely do not think so. Suppose all girls suddenly died? It does seem possible if transgender can’t keep something going that could happen, and what about transgender itself being a problem, what happens when there are no girls left on the planet?
Looks sort of like an Apple doesn’t it? Or maybe a big Apple as in 9/11 with 5/3 or 153 as the mirror image. I think they used Methane, and maybe the Marrying maiden hexagram to blow up the towers in New York, like Oklahoma    
ADAM AUTUMN no EVEN Or EWEN OR EUUEN no model for childbearing females and procreation without children the human race will die very quickly NO GOD MODEL OF WOMEN OR GIRLS   
Someone keeps using fashion models as though they are God Models but they aren’t and a Cancer country is not a person born a Pisces. The part of the body that rules girls or women’s chest area or tits to use street language is the sign Cancer. The US is a Cancer Country. St Paul Brazil where Al Capone and Neil’s parents and Adolf Hitler met was probably a Pisces country with the agreement signed in 1825. No Lady Boys in the Thailand area please that killed David Carradine   
Here is part of the model for males where is the model for females. Is the Knot all there is? Celtic Knot? Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow. Is it just money or are marriage partners more important. Why do marriage rates seem to keep going down? Also why do Nuns (sisters 14 Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet) not Laity take a “vow” not a vowel” of chastity, which supposedly means they are married to god? Why can’t guys or males be nuns in the Catholic Church? The clothes they wear, that have changed to almost look like any girls street cloths used to look like the clothes that the stereotypical witch wears and had costumes for on Halloween. What about the Brothers in the Catholic Church the Jesuits that teach at universities like Notre Dame (Paul Hornung Green Bay Packer graduated from that school) and the University of Dayton, where our dad graduated from in the 1930’s. Our dad may have wanted to be a Merchant Marine (Coast Guard) during the Second World War or the attack on Pearl Harbor with Lighthouses around Lake Erie that the Coastguard were responsible for during that time with a secret unit in the Cincinnati area. Our dad was rejected for flat feet and given a 4F classification for the draft of the Second World War and also lost an engineering firm that he created along with a partner in Dayton so he may have decided that he needed to do something. He was also a surveyor, not a phone surveyor but a surveyor that tells where property lines are at where property begins and ends not anything to do with do you want to take a survey over the telephone like Steven Spielberg did with his Animaniacs (using Rogers life as Market Research as though it were mine and our dad’s
doing Surveying in the sense of property lines with a transit)  

 Steven Spielberg was born in Cincinnati and his parents may have also been war criminals around Krakow Poland 

We are not electrons and we are not telephone just because you can use cranial nerves to treat me like one for 25 years. Magnetism and PSI and Schroeder’s Cat Box is nothing but a torture chamber that “U” used to kidnap me and then planned to torture me to death saying I am Bradley broom with George Tirebiter causing bike tires to blow up     
 Roger was concerned with that since he wrote books at the college level on the subject and does consulting that requires Market Research I did that after Eric Schwing left Columbus at the lowest level of actually dialing phones for focus groups or calling people off of lists for surveys. I did not realize that someone like Neil was using me as though I were Roger. Neil had killed my chances of ever being an architect with psychological murder so I was forced to do a lot of things that really were not a career path. A succubus is not success! I think Roger saw something on the document before I was born that mentioned a succubus as in Lilith or Mary Magdalen
So was the model never finished for the girl gender and became a demon because of that? Why wasn’t it finished? Why did Eric say that I was someone that never finished anything? Creation is not Procreation nine months is a model, and Du Hexen Hase (You Witches HARE (Rabbit) is controlling the birth of the human race, but it has nothing to do with a pregnancy test and whether the rabbit dies or lives

The Three Hares Project is the Flower of Life and it controls births by Zig Zag god way 

I think this is in some way the same as the Flower of Life but they can tell when children are going to be born and what type of children they will be 
They are still making one very important error there is not a female model of the human race which leaves all females open dying at once

Here is the GOD model for Males or A.D.A.M but not E.V.E.N. 

Here is one other graphic for people that murder other people and use the cubit length of a persons arm from the elbow to the wrist, and left handed to blame me for it. Whether it is three arms or three legs it is same thing, and Neil used my left arm and then put a shirt sleeve on his head as though my arm was his in the soul sense of the word



Part of the Cagliostro Seal 

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Sem Manor 1100 Norway Fire and Water do not go together caused the atom bomb and no girl model of the human race

Here is a graphic from Ramsey Abbey Cartouche Blogspot.com 

Show Autumn or if you spell it the way most people recognize it ADAM with one letter equalling one element in the zodiac. that is a model of the human race but there is not any Even or EWEN or EUUEN or any model for girls that was ever made and for that reason they will kill all girls on the human race no matter what age they are because they think that is ok to have some DEMON called Lilith that was never finished as the model for girls 


Adolf Hitler and Al Capone got together in St Paul (Sao Paulo) Brazil because Neil's parents arranged it. Hitler may have said he was "gay" because of disputes in the royal family he was a part of or he really was gay.
But what about Al Capone he is on the FBI's most wanted that is number one and he is walking Chicago streets making jokes about the Newspapers and the FBI  

Neil Donnelly is not a US citizen and can never be one because his parents participated in the Holocaust in Krakow Poland and were war criminals that may have put people from those trains in real gas chambers only because they needed the neighborhood for people that had lived in palaces all their lives and would not live anywhere else. 

That is the real Neil Donnelly and his real parents that were really allowed to be in  the Marine corps even though he was not a US citizen and get paid as a federal employee. Not a social to be paid and can never have one            

A.D.A.M A = Fire D = Air A = Earth M = Water
Male god creation of the human race AUTUMN sometimes spelled ADAM
That protects the male humans from dying of disease or viruses because there is a model and there is Zig Zag
But what about the model for Females? What about EWEN as the female gender of the human race? Why were there creations made with 47 Chromosomes that have a female skeleton and male body? Why did Neil, and his family tree that has a direct connection to Ancient Egypt, and have part of the bottom floor of creation, not do what he was supposed to do and fix creation and make a female model of the of the human race? Then swear that dual rulership makes someone else’s fault other than themselves?
They cannot admit they had a chance and the arrow and Robin Hood (Batman and Robin you know) failed and because the best they can do is create the ladyboys and Dolly the sheep, cloned sheep. A very sick joke to say the least that science did against all girls or women   
If you use the Greek alphabet and use the numerological values of the letters ADAM it equals 46 like the number of chromosomes that the entire human race has except for the 47 or 48 chromosome people that are mostly labeled psychopaths like possibly Ted Bundy But where is the female model of the human race it would have to have been done in the bottomless pit and the Earth Trinity not the planet earth

Here is what I think happened in Brazil with Adolf Hitler and Neil’s parent and Al Capone. Someone had confused the fact that there are two elements that make up the masculine model of the human race. With those being Air and Earth and then they made the mistake of being scared of the form of the human race that is the skeleton of the human race which is also a model. Then did not realize that the planet earth is not the earth trinity and used the wrong element as the mirror image of each other like Ramsey abbey 1100 time period like Sem Manor was created in 1100 in the Norway area. So with Fire opposing or the mirror image of water, they created heavy water plants in Norway during the Second World War which were attempted to be blown up but they could not stop them and then a French Physicist created the source for the plutonium and the fuse for the bomb that Los Alamos did not have
The female gender that keeps this planet alive by having children are going to die because there was never EWEN along with AUTUMN. Horrible end to the human race
The model of ADAM in Greek numerological values equals 46 like it should 2 pairs of 23 with the last pair being the gender pair
But Even the girl model using the same scheme as ADAM equals 460 what happened and why isn’t also 46 like the model for ADAM male gender model of the human race ADAM could be spelled AUTUMN the time of pumpkins and the descendant of the zodiac the 7th house cusp the focus of my entire chart Neptune the real XP is the ruler of my chart in the 7th house. Cairo Mars is not XP but the Greek Alphabet says Chi Rho or another spelling of Cairo Mars is XP which it isn’t  
    Sem Manor Church Dating from 1100, the church was restored during 1690, 1770, 1924, 1955 and 1959

        Sem is a village in Tønsberg in Vestfoldcounty, Norway
I found a zodiac recently that dates from 1100 France that shows how Zig Zag is related to the windows in a church that shows something like a dog related to the sign Pisces
  Sem Church Dating from 1100, the church was restored during 1690, 1770, 1924, 1955 ... During the Middle Ages, Sem Manor was a royal and feudal overlord...

Dating from 1100, the church was restored during 1690, 1770, 1924, 1955 and 1959. Sem is a village in Tønsberg in Vestfold county, Norway. Sem was a former municipality in ... During the Middle Ages,Sem Manor was a royal and feudal overlord residence at the site where Jarlsberg Manor is located today. King Harald ...

Black plague or Sars and Mers virus? 

I was even told by Paul Smith a relative from Dayton that knew our mom that Locus and the ninth revelation were very important The revelation talks about this very same problem in creation Hair like girls and faces like guys of 47 chromosomes Even David Carradine that was killed by the Ladyboys in Thailand used his character in Kung Fu as Grasshopper or Locus related to the ninth revelation and included the book that was written by Japan Buddhist that put the scar on his lip titled Zen in the art of Archery